Cerebral lab meetings: 2014

Date Speaker Details
Monday 22.12.14
15h – 16h30
Claude Meunier
Carole Levenes
Progress report : Error correction in cerebellum .
Monday 15.12.14
15h – 16h30
Ran Dharshan Chaisan­guan­thum, K. S., et al. (2014) Motor vari­abil­ity arises from a slow ran­dom walk in neural state. J. Neu­ro­science, 34(36), 12071–80
Monday 08.12.14
14h – 19h
Alessandro Barri PhD Thesis Defense
Thursday 04.12.14
09h – 19h00
INC Day: Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Monday 24.11.14
15h – 16h30
Ludivine Pidoux Progress report : Cerebellum and song learning in birds.
Monday 17.11.14 SFN in Washington DC. No group meeting
Monday, 10.11.14
15h – 16h30
Carole Levenes Wang, S. et al (2014). The Cere­bel­lum, Sen­si­tive Peri­ods, and Autism.Neu­ron, 83(3), 518–532
Tuesday 04.11.14
15h – 16h30
Shrisha Rao Stark, E et al (2014). Pyra­mi­dal Cell-Interneuron Inter­ac­tions Under­lie Hip­pocam­pal Rip­ple Oscil­la­tions, Neu­ron, 83(2)
Tuesday 28.10.14
16h – 17h15
Shintaro Funahashi
(Kyoto University)
Special talk : Neural mechanisms related to the dual-task interference in the primate prefrontal cortex
Monday, 27.10.14
David Hansel Ko, H., et. al (2014) Emer­gence of Feature-Specific Con­nec­tiv­ity in Cor­ti­cal Micro­cir­cuits in the Absence of Visual Expe­ri­ence. J. Neu­ro­science, 34(29), 9812–9816
Monday 20.10.14
15h – 16h30
Carl Van Vreeswijk Widloski et.al (2014) A Model of Grid Cell Development through Spatial Exploration and Spike Time-Dependent Plasticity
Friday, 03.10.14
09h – 19h00
Fifth Joint CNPP – Kyoto University Workshop
Thursday 18.09.14 09h – 19h00 Mouna Maroun
Univ. of Haifa, Israel
Developmental differences in extinction and plasticity in the medial prefrontal cortex following stress
Wednesday 17.09.14
Maoz Shamir
Ben Gurion U. Beersheva, Israel
Fast coding of orientation in primary visual cortex
Monday, 15.09.14
Alexander Hanuschkin
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Inverse Models Predict Mirroring Offsets and Explain the Acquisition of New Syntax in a Sequential Song Learning Task