Cerebral lab meetings: 2014

Date Speak­er Details
Mon­day 22.12.14
15h — 16h30
Claude Meu­nier
Car­ole Levenes
Progress report : Error cor­rec­tion in cerebellum .
Mon­day 15.12.14
15h — 16h30
Ran Dhar­shan Chaisan­guan­thum, K. S., et al. (2014) Motor vari­abil­ity aris­es from a slow ran­dom walk in neur­al state. J. Neu­ro­science, 34(36), 12071–80
Mon­day 08.12.14
14h — 19h
Alessan­dro Barri PhD The­sis Defense
Thurs­day 04.12.14
09h — 19h00
- INC Day: Neu­rode­vel­op­men­tal Disorders
Mon­day 24.11.14
15h — 16h30
Ludi­vine Pidoux Progress report : Cere­bel­lum and song learn­ing in birds.
Mon­day 17.11.14 - SFN in Wash­ing­ton DC. No group meeting
Mon­day, 10.11.14
15h — 16h30
Car­ole Levenes Wang, S. et al (2014). The Cere­bel­lum, Sen­si­tive Peri­ods, and Autism.Neu­ron, 83(3), 518–532
Tues­day 04.11.14
15h — 16h30
Shrisha Rao Stark, E et al (2014). Pyra­mi­dal Cell-Interneu­ron Inter­ac­tions Under­lie Hip­pocam­pal Rip­ple Oscil­la­tions, Neu­ron, 83(2)
Tues­day 28.10.14
16h — 17h15
Shin­taro Funahashi
(Kyoto University)
Spe­cial talk : Neur­al mech­a­nisms relat­ed to the dual-task inter­fer­ence in the pri­mate pre­frontal cortex
Mon­day, 27.10.14
David Hansel Ko, H., et. al (2014) Emer­gence of Fea­ture-Spe­cif­ic Con­nec­tiv­ity in Cor­ti­cal Micro­cir­cuits in the Absence of Visu­al Expe­ri­ence. J. Neu­ro­science, 34(29), 9812–9816
Mon­day 20.10.14
15h — 16h30
Carl Van Vreeswijk Wid­los­ki et.al (2014) A Mod­el of Grid Cell Devel­op­ment through Spa­tial Explo­ration and Spike Time-Depen­dent Plasticity
Fri­day, 03.10.14
09h — 19h00
- Fifth Joint CNPP – Kyoto Uni­ver­si­ty Workshop
Thurs­day 18.09.14 09h — 19h00 Mouna Maroun
Univ. of Haifa, Israel
Devel­op­men­tal dif­fer­ences in extinc­tion and plas­tic­i­ty in the medi­al pre­frontal cor­tex fol­low­ing stress
Wednes­day 17.09.14
Maoz Shamir
Ben Guri­on U. Beer­she­va, Israel
Fast cod­ing of ori­en­ta­tion in pri­ma­ry visu­al cortex
Mon­day, 15.09.14
Alexan­der Hanuschkin
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Inverse Mod­els Pre­dict Mir­ror­ing Off­sets and Explain the Acqui­si­tion of New Syn­tax in a Sequen­tial Song Learn­ing Task