Cen­tre de Neu­ro­physique, Phys­i­olo­gie et Patholo­gie — CNRS UMR 8119
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Asso­ciate pro­fes­sor, MCU Paris Descartes
Sen­so­ri­mo­tor Adap­ta­tions and Vestibu­lar Patholo­gies

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Vestibu­lar con­nec­tions — San­ti­a­go Ramón y Cajal (1899)

Maître de Con­férences — Uni­ver­sité Paris Descartes
Asso­ciate Pro­fes­sor — Paris Descartes Uni­ver­si­ty

PhD in Neu­ro­science and Phar­ma­col­o­gy – Habil­i­ta­tion to super­vise doc­tor­al the­ses



Cel­lu­lar biol­o­gy — Devel­op­men­tal biol­o­gy — Neu­ro­science — Immunol­o­gy for sci­ence stu­dents


Research Interests

Con­tri­bu­tions of neu­roanato­my to the func­tion and dynam­ics of neu­ronal net­works

Mast cell infiltration of the thalamus

Mast cell infil­tra­tion of the thal­a­mus

  • Vestibu­lar sys­tem
  • Cere­bral and cere­bel­lar cor­tices
  • Thal­a­m­ic sen­so­ry process­es
  • Ocu­lo­mo­tor sys­tem
  • Medullary res­pi­ra­to­ry and spinal loco­mo­tor gen­er­a­tors



Methods employed

Fluorescence microscopy of single neurone

Flu­o­res­cence microscopy of sin­gle neu­rone

  • His­tol­ogy and Immuno­his­to­chem­istry
  • Transneu­ronal ret­ro­grade trac­ing of neu­ronal con­nec­tions using virus or tox­in
  • Neu­rolu­ci­da 3D recon­struc­tion
  • Extra­cel­lu­lar record­ings on in vit­ro brain­stem spinal cord prepa­ra­tions



Recent Publications