Cerebral Lab meetings: 2015


Date Speaker Details
Tuesday 08.12.15
Ludi­vine Pidoux S. Ohmae & J. F. Medina (2015), Climbing fibers encode a temporal-difference prediction error during cerebellar learning in mice, Nature Neuro.
Monday 16.11.15
Gianluigi Mongillo Rajasethupathi et. al. (2015), Projections from neocortex mediate top-down control of memory retrieval, Nature
Monday 09.11.15
Aimin Su Deshpande, M. et. al, (2015), Rapid encoding of an internal model for imitative learning, PRSB
Monday 02.11.15
Sukbin Lim
NYU-Shanghai, China
Inferring learning rules from distribution of firing rates in cortical neurons
Monday 26.10.15
Alexandre Mahrach Han Xu et. al (2013), Neocortical Somatostatin-Expressing GABAergic Interneurons Disinhibit the Thalamorecipient Layer 4, Neuron
Monday 19.10.15 Sfn, Chicago
Monday 12.10.15 Arthur Leblois Naturalistic stimulation drives opposing heterosynaptic plasticity at two inputs to songbird cortex
Thursday 08.10.15
Francesca Barbieri Alex Tendler et. al. (2015), Different types of theta rhythmicity are induced by social and fearful stimuli in a network associated with social memory, Elife
Friday 02.10.15
David Hansel Lien. A. D. et. al. (2013), Tuned thalamic excitation is amplified by visual cortical circuits, Nature. Neuro.
Thursday 17.09.15
Takafumi Arakaki Salkoff. A. et. al. (2015), Synaptic Mechanisms of Tight Spike Synchrony at Gamma Frequency in Cerebral Cortex, J. Neuro.
Sept 7-9 Neurobridge conference
Friday 03.09.15
Giancarlo La Camera
Stony Brook University
Mean-field and dynamics of multi-stable states druing ongoing and evoked activity.
Tuesday 21.07.15
Gabriel Mindlin
Uni. de Buenos Aires
Birdsong in motor coordinates
Monday 29.06.15
German Mato Seelig et. al. (2015), Neural dynamics for landmark orientation and angular path integration, Nature
Monday 06.07.15
Ran Darshan Progress report
Friday 10.07.15
Soledad Gonzalo Cogno
CONICET, Bariloche Argentina
Bursting neurons in the hippocampus encode position and features of LFP rhythms
Monday 13.07.15
No meeting: two days of July 14 celebrations
Monday 22.06.15
Alexandre Mahrach Progress report
Monday 15.06.15
Elisa Tartaglia G. Mochol et. al. (2015), Stochastic transitions into silence cause noise correlations in cortical circuits,PNAS
Monday 08.06.15
Arthur Leblois Halverson et. al (2015), Relating Cerebellar Purkinje Cell Activity to the Timing and Amplitude of Conditioned Eyelid Responses, J. Neuroscience
Monday 01.06.15
Shrisha Rao Progress report
Thursday 28.05.15
Mariela Escande Early loss of homeostasis in the direct pathway in a mouse model of Parkinson´s disease.
Monday 25.05.15
Meodie Durnez Progress report
Monday 18.05.15
French SFN
Monday 11.05.15
Gianluigi Mongillo Diverse coupling of neurons to populations in sensory cortex
Monday 4.05.15
Alberto Romagnoni
Ecole Normale
Collège de France
Pinwheel-Dipole structures in V1: Exhaustivity, parsimony and balanced detection.
Monday 27.04.15
15h – 16h30
Claude Meu­nier K. H. Lee et. al.(2015), Circuit Mechanisms Underlying Motor Memory Formation in the Cerebellum, Neuron
Monday 20.04.15
15h – 16h30
Yashar Ahmadian Dynamics of Local Input Normalization Result from Balanced Short- and Long-Range Intracortical Interactions in Area V1
Monday 13.04.15
15h – 16h30
Bill Wood Single unit recordings of sonant neurons in the avian cortex and basal ganglia during syllable triggered auditory feedback.
Monday 06.04.15
Monday 30.03.15
15h – 16h30
Gianluigi Mongillo Revisiting the role of persistent neural activity during working memory
Monday 23.03.15
15h – 16h30
Tal Seidel Malkinson
Hebrew Uni. of Jerusalem
Dynamics of attentional networks in the human brain in health and disease: evidence from intracerebral and MEG recordings
Monday 16.03.15
15h – 16h30
Alexandre Mahrach C. K. Pfeffer et. al (2013), Inhibition of inhibition in visual cortex: the logic of connections between molecularly distinct interneurons, Nature Neuro
Monday 09.03.15
12h – 13h30
Carl van Vreeswijk Lee Cossell et. al (2015), Functional organization of excitatory synaptic strength in primary visual cortex, Nature
Monday 02.03.15
15h – 16h30
Ludivine Pidoux C. H. Chen et. al, (2014), Short latency cerebellar modulation of the basal ganglia, Nat. Neuroscience
Wednesday 25.02.15
Gian­luigi Mongillo Jounal club on the fly
Bilal Haider et. al (2013), Inhibition dominates sensory responses in the awake cortex, Nature
Monday 23.02.15
15h – 16h30
Arthur Leblois S. J. Sober et. al (2014), Millisecond-Scale Motor Encoding in a Cortical Vocal Area, PLOS Bio.
Monday 16.02.15
15h – 16h30
David Hansel Y. Wang et. al (2015), Columnar organization of spatial phase in visual cortex, Nat. Neuroscience
Monday 09.02.15
15h – 16h30
Takafumi Arakaki Garrett T. Neske et. al (2015), Contributions of Diverse Excitatory and Inhibitory Neurons
to Recurrent Network Activity in Cerebral Cortex
, J. Neuroscience
Monday 02.02.15
15h – 16h30
Shrisha Rao J. D. Murray et. al (2014), A hierarchy of intrinsic timescales across primate cortex, Nat. Neuroscience
Monday 26.01.15
15h – 16h30
Martin Takeo Wiechert
Institut Pasteur
Progress report: The variance-balanced state. A function for reciprocal synapses.
Monday 19.01.15
14h – 15h30
Alessandro Barri Liu et. al (2014) Medial pre­frontal activ­ity dur­ing delay period con­tributes to learn­ing of a work­ing mem­ory task, Sci­ence, 346, 458
Monday 12.01.15
14h – 15h30
Elisa Tartaglia Progress report: Modulation of Network Excitability by Persistent Activity: How Working Memory Affects the Response to Incoming Stimuli
Monday 5.01.15
15h – 16h30
Takafumi Arakaki Gjorgjieva et.al (2014), Intrinsic Neuronal Properties Switch the Mode of Information Transmission in Networks, PloS Comp. Biol

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