Cerebral Lab meetings: 2015


Date Speak­er Details
Tues­day 08.12.15
Ludi­vine Pidoux S. Ohmae & J. F. Med­i­na (2015), Climb­ing fibers encode a tem­po­ral-dif­fer­ence pre­dic­tion error dur­ing cere­bel­lar learn­ing in mice, Nature Neuro.
Mon­day 16.11.15
Gian­lui­gi Mongillo Rajasethu­pathi et. al. (2015), Pro­jec­tions from neo­cor­tex medi­ate top-down con­trol of mem­o­ry retrieval, Nature
Mon­day 09.11.15
Aimin Su Desh­pande, M. et. al, (2015), Rapid encod­ing of an inter­nal mod­el for imi­ta­tive learn­ing, PRSB
Mon­day 02.11.15
Suk­bin Lim
NYU-Shang­hai, China
Infer­ring learn­ing rules from dis­tri­b­u­tion of fir­ing rates in cor­ti­cal neurons
Mon­day 26.10.15
Alexan­dre Mahrach Han Xu et. al (2013), Neo­cor­ti­cal Somato­statin-Express­ing GABAer­gic Interneu­rons Dis­in­hib­it the Thal­a­m­ore­cip­i­ent Lay­er 4, Neu­ron
Mon­day 19.10.15 - Sfn, Chica­go
Mon­day 12.10.15 Arthur Leblois Nat­u­ral­is­tic stim­u­la­tion dri­ves oppos­ing het­erosy­nap­tic plas­tic­i­ty at two inputs to song­bird cortex
Thurs­day 08.10.15
Francesca Bar­bi­eri Alex Tendler et. al. (2015), Dif­fer­ent types of theta rhyth­mic­i­ty are induced by social and fear­ful stim­uli in a net­work asso­ci­at­ed with social mem­o­ry, Elife
Fri­day 02.10.15
David Hansel Lien. A. D. et. al. (2013), Tuned thal­a­m­ic exci­ta­tion is ampli­fied by visu­al cor­ti­cal cir­cuits, Nature. Neuro.
Thurs­day 17.09.15
Taka­fu­mi Arakaki Salkoff. A. et. al. (2015), Synap­tic Mech­a­nisms of Tight Spike Syn­chrony at Gam­ma Fre­quen­cy in Cere­bral Cor­tex, J. Neuro.
Sept 7–9 - Neu­ro­bridge conference
Fri­day 03.09.15
Gian­car­lo La Cam­era
Stony Brook University
Mean-field and dynam­ics of mul­ti-sta­ble states dru­ing ongo­ing and evoked activity. 
Tues­day 21.07.15
Gabriel Mindlin
Uni. de Buenos Aires
Bird­song in motor coordinates
Mon­day 29.06.15
Ger­man Mato Seel­ig et. al. (2015), Neur­al dynam­ics for land­mark ori­en­ta­tion and angu­lar path inte­gra­tion, Nature
Mon­day 06.07.15
Ran Dar­shan Progress report
Fri­day 10.07.15
Soledad Gon­za­lo Cog­no
CONICET, Bar­iloche Argentina
Burst­ing neu­rons in the hip­pocam­pus encode posi­tion and fea­tures of LFP rhythms
Mon­day 13.07.15
- No meet­ing: two days of July 14 celebrations
Mon­day 22.06.15
Alexan­dre Mahrach Progress report
Mon­day 15.06.15
Elisa Tartaglia G. Mochol et. al. (2015), Sto­chas­tic tran­si­tions into silence cause noise cor­re­la­tions in cor­ti­cal cir­cuits,PNAS
Mon­day 08.06.15
Arthur Leblois Halver­son et. al (2015), Relat­ing Cere­bel­lar Purk­in­je Cell Activ­i­ty to the Tim­ing and Ampli­tude of Con­di­tioned Eye­lid Respons­es, J. Neuroscience
Mon­day 01.06.15
Shrisha Rao Progress report
Thurs­day 28.05.15
Mariela Escan­de Ear­ly loss of home­osta­sis in the direct path­way in a mouse mod­el of Parkinson´s disease.
Mon­day 25.05.15
Meodie Durnez Progress report
Mon­day 18.05.15
- French SFN
Mon­day 11.05.15
Gian­lui­gi Mongillo Diverse cou­pling of neu­rons to pop­u­la­tions in sen­so­ry cortex
Mon­day 4.05.15
Alber­to Romagnoni
Ecole Nor­male
Col­lège de France
Pin­wheel-Dipole struc­tures in V1: Exhaus­tiv­i­ty, par­si­mo­ny and bal­anced detection.
Mon­day 27.04.15
15h — 16h30
Claude Meu­nier K. H. Lee et. al.(2015), Cir­cuit Mech­a­nisms Under­ly­ing Motor Mem­o­ry For­ma­tion in the Cere­bel­lum, Neu­ron
Mon­day 20.04.15
15h — 16h30
Yashar Ahma­di­an Dynam­ics of Local Input Nor­mal­iza­tion Result from Bal­anced Short- and Long-Range Intra­cor­ti­cal Inter­ac­tions in Area V1
Mon­day 13.04.15
15h — 16h30
Bill Wood Sin­gle unit record­ings of sonant neu­rons in the avian cor­tex and basal gan­glia dur­ing syl­la­ble trig­gered audi­to­ry feedback.
Mon­day 06.04.15
- East­er
Mon­day 30.03.15
15h — 16h30
Gian­lui­gi Mongillo Revis­it­ing the role of per­sis­tent neur­al activ­i­ty dur­ing work­ing memory
Mon­day 23.03.15
15h — 16h30
Tal Sei­del Malkinson
Hebrew Uni. of Jerusalem
Dynam­ics of atten­tion­al net­works in the human brain in health and dis­ease: evi­dence from intrac­ere­bral and MEG recordings
Mon­day 16.03.15
15h — 16h30
Alexan­dre Mahrach C. K. Pfef­fer et. al (2013), Inhi­bi­tion of inhi­bi­tion in visu­al cor­tex: the log­ic of con­nec­tions between mol­e­c­u­lar­ly dis­tinct interneu­rons, Nature Neuro
Mon­day 09.03.15
12h — 13h30
Carl van Vreeswijk Lee Cos­sell et. al (2015), Func­tion­al orga­ni­za­tion of exci­ta­to­ry synap­tic strength in pri­ma­ry visu­al cor­tex, Nature
Mon­day 02.03.15
15h — 16h30
Ludi­vine Pidoux C. H. Chen et. al, (2014), Short laten­cy cere­bel­lar mod­u­la­tion of the basal gan­glia, Nat. Neuroscience 
Wednes­day 25.02.15
Gian­luigi Mongillo Jounal club on the fly
Bilal Haider et. al (2013), Inhi­bi­tion dom­i­nates sen­so­ry respons­es in the awake cor­tex, Nature
Mon­day 23.02.15
15h — 16h30
Arthur Leblois S. J. Sober et. al (2014), Mil­lisec­ond-Scale Motor Encod­ing in a Cor­ti­cal Vocal Area, PLOS Bio.
Mon­day 16.02.15
15h — 16h30
David Hansel Y. Wang et. al (2015), Colum­nar orga­ni­za­tion of spa­tial phase in visu­al cor­tex, Nat. Neu­ro­science
Mon­day 09.02.15
15h — 16h30
Taka­fu­mi Arakaki Gar­rett T. Neske et. al (2015), Con­tri­bu­tions of Diverse Exci­ta­to­ry and Inhibito­ry Neurons
to Recur­rent Net­work Activ­i­ty in Cere­bral Cor­tex
, J. Neuroscience 
Mon­day 02.02.15
15h — 16h30
Shrisha Rao J. D. Mur­ray et. al (2014), A hier­ar­chy of intrin­sic timescales across pri­mate cor­tex, Nat. Neuroscience
Mon­day 26.01.15
15h — 16h30
Mar­tin Takeo Wiechert
Insti­tut Pasteur
Progress report: The vari­ance-bal­anced state. A func­tion for rec­i­p­ro­cal synapses.
Mon­day 19.01.15
14h — 15h30
Alessan­dro Barri Liu et. al (2014) Medi­al pre­frontal activ­ity dur­ing delay peri­od con­tributes to learn­ing of a work­ing mem­ory task, Sci­ence, 346, 458
Mon­day 12.01.15
14h — 15h30
Elisa Tartaglia Progress report: Mod­u­la­tion of Net­work Excitabil­i­ty by Per­sis­tent Activ­i­ty: How Work­ing Mem­o­ry Affects the Response to Incom­ing Stimuli
Mon­day 5.01.15
15h — 16h30
Taka­fu­mi Arakaki Gjorgjie­va et.al (2014), Intrin­sic Neu­ronal Prop­er­ties Switch the Mode of Infor­ma­tion Trans­mis­sion in Net­works, PloS Comp. Biol

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